Ways to sell your car Online

It is natural for you to want to sell your old car for s much money as possible so that you can upgrade to a better vehicle or invest the money in a more productive avenue. There are several reasons as to why you might want to sell your old car but these universally applicable car selling tips are surely going to help you in your car selling quest.

Make your Car look great

In a car like everything else, first impressions are the most durable impressions. Spending a reasonable amount of money in sprucing up your car is going to pay you rich dividends when your car looks awesome in the photographs you post online. Remove all traces of dirt, stains, food crumbs and scratches from the car surface. Give it a new coat of paint (if required) and get the windshields properly washed. In fact go a step further and get car carpets shampooed and degrease the engine. Buyers are going to check out your car critically so be prepared for the car interview.

Get on a good Car selling website

There are so many websites like www.edmunds.com, www.yahoo/car.com, www.cars.com that are great for letting individuals post listings for their cars. You might think that scouting around for a buyer is good enough but actually a professional car listing website will expose your vehicle to the right kind of audience. You should always provide authentic information about your car as any gap between the data you provide and the reality will be detrimental to both your image and that of the website.

Keep Your Records Safe

In case you are planning to sell your car online then most buyers will ask you to mail/ fax them the maintenance or servicing records of your vehicle. If you manage to establish that your car has been cared for properly and are in good working condition then you will be able to charge a premium price for it. In case you do not have all the records, write down repairs you might have made from memory. Opt for a service like Car Fax that will certify that your vehicle has never been involved in an accident.

Explore all options

Once you have decided to keep your car for sale you need to explore all online options. Do not limit yourself to one website but explore most of them along with ads on common selling platforms like Quikr, OLX etc and social media platforms like Face book. Print out pamphlets with your car photos and circulate amidst all your neighborhood shops. This way you will maximize your chance of finding a great buyer.

Verify Details

Before you even arrange a meeting with the potential buyer, verify his/her details. It is important to know whether the buyer buying off your vehicle is not involved in any anti social or illegal activity. In this electronic world it is very easy to verify the authenticity of information so make sure you are alert to any signs of falsehood.

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