How to Promote Car Dealer Website Online

There are many different ways a car dealer can promote his dealership. He can do it using traditional methods of newspaper, TV, radio ads, banners and posters. He can go online, a better alternative in the current context.

Even here there are options

Full-fledged online promotions that include a suite of SEO services, social media, search engine marketing, blogging, forum posts, reviews, posting articles, press releases, banner ads and the lot. The question is: do you have time, resources and money to implement these laborious tasks that also need you to be informed about how they work? The answer in most cases is: NO. A dealer must first concentrate on his day to day business.

Appoint online marketing agency

The solution: delegate majority of these tasks to an agency that has the resources to implement all these in a phased manner to generate long term convertible traffic. Discuss your requirements with the agency and get them to prepare automated responses and campaigns in addition to tracking to let you know which channel is generating results. Further, get the agency to prepare a PPC campaign and launch it targeting your geographic area. PPC gets you immediate responses and returns while organic methods will show results in the long term. You pay for services but you get results. `

However, there is no escaping the fact that you must be online and promote online. At the very least you can and must do these:

Mobile website

Get an expert mobile website designer to launch a responsive mobile site for you that shows your location on a map, products you have, current offers, your phone number and buttons for Facebook and Twitter. If you have appointed an agency for online marketing of car dealership, they will be able to do this for you. It is a good idea to include buttons for special offers and deals that you can apply to slow moving older stock.

Social media

Create a presence on Facebook and post plenty of content that could possibly cover information on buying cars, saving costs, insurance and everything else a buyer might want to know. Keep Facebook and twitter always active on your phone and respond promptly to comments or posts. Importantly, post offers and offer prizes for those who recommend customers. Use video camera on your phone to create presentations of cars and post on vimeo and YouTube. It does not take much effort and you can remain engaged with your routine business.

Lead generation

It is best to have an agency handle the task of lead generation. It requires a lot of knowledge, hard work and a team to generate leads. An agency that is already generating leads can do it for you. What you can do is tackle each lead promptly, pursue it and convert. Select an agency you can trust and one that has ethical practices. Lead generation agencies have been known to sell the same lead to multiple clients. Some might charge per lead they deliver to you while some will ask for payment only if a lead converts and this is the way to go.

Online marketing is not an easy and professionals can do it better, giving you returns for money while leaving you free to focus on your core business.

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