How to Write a Good Craigslist Ad For Your Used Car

On the face of it selling anything on Craigslist seems easy. You post an ad and someone or the other turns up to buy. Selling cars on Craigslist may seem easy. However, with thousands of ads and quite a few from them offering the same model and make as you do how would you manage to grab a visitor’s attention and get him to contact you? Potential buyers need information on the product before they will initiate contact and contents make all the difference. If you wish to sell your used car on CL write text that will evoke responses.

Here is how you can go about it.

  • Title is where a brief description of your goes. It must be crisp, snappy and give a precise idea of what is on offer. It is from here that the buyer decides whether to read the text or go on to the next ad. Specify the model, the brand, the color and condition. E.g. “Pristine condition Ford Taurus 1969 single owner going cheap”.
  • Instead of writing running text in the detailed description box try to use bullet points and short sentences. Overall, the details could include a reason why you are selling the car and then go on to describe the car in detail. For some odd reason people consider the reason for sale as important.
  • Details to mention include condition of the interiors, accessories fitted and upholstery, if you like. If the upholstery is special, it might just add as a USP.
  • The mandatory details would include condition of paintwork, engine condition, whether the car has automatic or manual transmission, power windows, power locks and power doors. You could write a sentence as to how you have taken special care of the care and maintained the interior and exterior in top condition. For instance you could say that the paintwork looks spanking new and is without a scratch and that the upholstery inside looks fresh and clean. If your car has some defects be frank and mention all of them but not in extravagant detail.
  • State a fair and reasonable price. Expect buyers to bargain and mention that the price may be negotiable. Never, never say the price is fixed and no negotiations.
  • Your ad must include your name and your phone number as well as the time convenient for you to receive calls.
  • Photographs are a must. Try to photograph your from all angles using a digital camera, not your smart phone camera. Photograph the engine compartment, interiors, front, side and rear. Photograph the car early in the morning or just before the sun sets to get really good photos.


Tip: do not use hyperbole in the description. Content must give buyers all information they are looking for, in addition to mentioning something that is unique about your car.

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