How to Sell Your Car on Craigslist the Easy Way and At the Best Price

For those who have an eye open for opportunity Craigslist is a wonderful tool that you can exploit to the fullest. If you are planning to buy a new car and wish to sell off your old car, do not go for a trade in or sell to a dealer. Instead, list it on Craigslist and realize a higher value.

How exactly would you go about selling your car through Craigslist in a safe way? Simply follow these steps.

Take care of legalities first

  • Your car should be free of lien or encumbrances and you must have ownership papers showing the car stands in your name. Keep all relevant papers including purchase invoice ready with you.
  • Regardless of whether your State DMV rules require the disclosure about damages to your car, it is a nice and wise step to mention this in the craigslist post and also print out a statement stating that you are not aware of any damages to the car and hand this over along with the bill of sale.
  • Prepare a printed bill of sale in duplicate to be filled in when you actually complete the transaction.

Check with the DMV website for relevant regulations pertaining to the State where you reside and download forms or prepare them according to the format.

Pricing it right

The purpose of selling through craigslist instead of to a dealer of used cars is to obtain a higher price but the price must be reasonable enough. The amount can be arrived at after you scrutinize ads and arrive at a fair selling price that is higher than what you can expect from a dealer but not so high as to deter a potential buyer. Allow room for negotiation. People like it when they succeed in bargaining and bringing down the price. Some people even go as far as checking Kelly’s Blue Book to arrive at a fair price.

Description and photographs of your car

Do not skimp. Be precise yet include all relevant information that a potential buyer needs. To understand this put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and you will know the features to be included. Keep it brief with no embellishment or disparagement either. The purpose of providing a description is to give information, not try to convince a buyer. Photographs are necessary so wash and polish your car and take photographs from all angles including some interior shots, a photo of the dashboard to show the meters, the engine compartment and tiers.

Answering inquiries, meeting, negotiations and concluding the deal

Respond promptly to phone calls and fix up a meeting for inspection of the car, preferably NOT at your home but at some public place or, better still, if the prospective buyer is located in the same city, drive over to his place. Let him test drive the car all by himself while you wait and then sit down to negotiate. Insist only on cash payment no matter what the buyer says. Once you agree on cash and price, proceed to documentation. Get the bill of sale notarized, collect the cash. That’s that. The sale is complete. Just one little thing: It is important at this point to retain the license plates with you should your local DMV require you to turn it in so keep yourself informed about this beforehand and remove the license plates on finalization of the deal.

I believe this will answer the question -How to Sell Your Car on Craigslist? Let us here your views in comment section, thanks.

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