Digital Marketing Tips for Car Dealers

Selling a car is not the same as selling a hot dog. It takes effort and a lot of persuasion to convince a prospective buyer to buy from you. Online marketing is a must if you want buyers walking through your doors and driving away in a car. Newspaper, TV and radio ads work but, at the same time, consider going digital. A few digital marketing tips for car dealers outlined here should help.

Social media presence

A simple reason to have a presence on Facebook and Twitter is that they allow for easy interaction and immediate response. The second more important reason is you can create your own unique identity by dispensing advice and guidance. You can attract people with offers and freebies. Just register, create your business page and post interesting photos and text related to cars, financing, maintenance and so on. It is free. People, if they like you, will remember you and recommend you.

Search engine marketing-PPC

It costs but this is one sure fire way to be found when people are searching for cars to buy. You may have a website but it will not necessarily show up on the first page of search results. Your PPC ad can, if it targets specific geographic locations. PPC is the way to go to get immediate responses you can convert to sales.

Mobile website

90% of buyers use mobile devices to find a car dealership. You may or may not have a regular website but a mobile website with a map showing your location is absolutely necessary. Invite visitors to register with phone and email and also display your phone number. You can follow it up with email newsletters and phone calls to initiate and maintain touch.

Local directories, map

Yahoo and Google have excellent local online directories for small business. Register, list your business and you will be found more easily. Pin your location on a map and it will show up in local searches. What makes you special? Mention those specialties such as after sales services, freebies or insurance.


A simple but professionally designed website with search facilities will help you. Make sure to update contents and inveigle visitors to register with a landing page. Your website designer will know how to incorporate these and other SEO elements. There is plenty of space so include informative articles on choosing cars, financing and maintenance. Include a phone number and also a live chat feature. People want immediate answer to their queries. Your website and emails could include links to social media. A website and related SEO activities are long term efforts but will show results over time.

It is difficult and time consuming to implement online marketing efforts. Just prepare a roadmap and delegate the task to a specific person in your dealership or to an outsider expert in online digital marketing for car dealers.  This way you will be free to handle customers and manage other aspects while the digital car marketing works in the background to your benefit.

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