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Auto Motive Ad Blaster Software – Easy Craigslist Auto Ad Posting tool

You must be aware of Craigslist, if you have been online searching for jobs and services. It is one of the most popular websites for classified ads. Among the most popular sections or categories on this website, the automotive section is perhaps the more popular one. If you are into posting ads on your own through manual means, then that can take up a lot of your time. And, dealing with ads related to vehicles and other automotive accessories is frustrating.

However, if you had the means to post all your Craigslist automotive ads through an automated procedure, would that not be a prudent way? That is what Auto Motive Ad Blaster is all about. With its help, you can easily schedule your ads as well as create your budget for the ads. After all this is set, let this outstanding software do its job. Let’s understand why you require such a software.

Why would you need Auto motive Blaster CL for Craigslist ad posting software?

Many of us are so busy in daily schedules that we have little time to manage each and everything. Moreover, the consistency of working daily on a particular project is broken at times. And, we do not want that to happen at times. This leads to frustration. Which is why the Auto Motive Blaster auto posting software comes in to help people who are frustrated of the manual burden of vehicle ad posting on websites like Craigslist.

This simple digital tool delivers users with the following benefits:

  • Ease of posting all the created ads automatically.
  • Renewal of all the posted ads without any manual requirements.
  • Reposting tactics for all the ads that have expired over time.

With this software, all expired ads over 48 hours or more are reposted so that your ads continue running automatically. This very reason saves a lot of your time, money and effort. Why bother hiring a professional to do it for you on extra costs when you can simple schedule it to operate on its own?

Auto Motive Blaster Ad posting software features:

Auto Motive is a wonderful tool for your online advertising projects. The automotive industry requires proper handling of ads to keep the viewers updated. And, with the help of this magnificent tool, the job gets simplified eventually. Read below to understand the impressive features it packs in.

  • Auto Motive Blaster lets you renew all ads that have gone over 48 hours.
  • You can target locations, demographics areas, and various groups with the automatic ads.
  • Change the way your ads look with the simple spinning tools present in the software. This way you get a new ad every time without thinking much.
  • Generate leads on Craigslist using the automated features like – scheduling, renewing, reposting, spinning, rephrasing, and many more.


You do not have to buy Auto Motive Blaster ad posting software for Craigslist without being sure of its awesome features. For skeptics, the software is available to try out for 5 days free of cost. This trial period is available for the Basic Plan scheme that is at $49 per month (after trial is over). You get the software, site access, and a posting area in the basic plan.

But, why be deprived of professional features in the basic plan, when you can choose the Premium plan with all unlocked features?

The Premium Renewal scheme is available at a low price of $19.99 per month. And, it too gets a 3-day trial to know for sure all the features available. These features include site access, email support, etc. You will not have to worry about the automatic renewals of all your ads in this plan at all.

Try out one of the best automotive ad posting software to let your professional ad posting experience evolve. You will surely love it for your home and commercial projects. But, do not believe us without trying this awesome tool for yourself. Go for the trial period and know what it is capable of on your own. Experience Craigslist ad posting like never before!


How to Promote Car Dealer Website Online

There are many different ways a car dealer can promote his dealership. He can do it using traditional methods of newspaper, TV, radio ads, banners and posters. He can go online, a better alternative in the current context.

Even here there are options

Full-fledged online promotions that include a suite of SEO services, social media, search engine marketing, blogging, forum posts, reviews, posting articles, press releases, banner ads and the lot. The question is: do you have time, resources and money to implement these laborious tasks that also need you to be informed about how they work? The answer in most cases is: NO. A dealer must first concentrate on his day to day business.

Appoint online marketing agency

The solution: delegate majority of these tasks to an agency that has the resources to implement all these in a phased manner to generate long term convertible traffic. Discuss your requirements with the agency and get them to prepare automated responses and campaigns in addition to tracking to let you know which channel is generating results. Further, get the agency to prepare a PPC campaign and launch it targeting your geographic area. PPC gets you immediate responses and returns while organic methods will show results in the long term. You pay for services but you get results. `

However, there is no escaping the fact that you must be online and promote online. At the very least you can and must do these:

Mobile website

Get an expert mobile website designer to launch a responsive mobile site for you that shows your location on a map, products you have, current offers, your phone number and buttons for Facebook and Twitter. If you have appointed an agency for online marketing of car dealership, they will be able to do this for you. It is a good idea to include buttons for special offers and deals that you can apply to slow moving older stock.

Social media

Create a presence on Facebook and post plenty of content that could possibly cover information on buying cars, saving costs, insurance and everything else a buyer might want to know. Keep Facebook and twitter always active on your phone and respond promptly to comments or posts. Importantly, post offers and offer prizes for those who recommend customers. Use video camera on your phone to create presentations of cars and post on vimeo and YouTube. It does not take much effort and you can remain engaged with your routine business.

Lead generation

It is best to have an agency handle the task of lead generation. It requires a lot of knowledge, hard work and a team to generate leads. An agency that is already generating leads can do it for you. What you can do is tackle each lead promptly, pursue it and convert. Select an agency you can trust and one that has ethical practices. Lead generation agencies have been known to sell the same lead to multiple clients. Some might charge per lead they deliver to you while some will ask for payment only if a lead converts and this is the way to go.

Online marketing is not an easy and professionals can do it better, giving you returns for money while leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Top 10 websites to Buy and Sell your Car Online

Selling used cars online has been in trend for quite a while now because of the convenience it offers. On both the seller’s and the buyer’s end it becomes relieving as a decision to buy a used car is twice as confusing as that of purchasing a new car. But as every good thing comes with a cost, we know the internet is filled with scammers and fraudulent websites that we can easily fall prey to.
In order to make your job easier listed down are top 10 websites where you can sell your cars:


You may already be familiar with eBay and may have even purchased and sold here. This website dedicated to motors is clean and crisp with the information and none of those are misleading. So you can reach the buyers with the information that you want to convey to them. If you list your car in the eBay motors classified section, they will show your car to anyone who searches for it in the 200 mile radius of your location. The service is free.


If you are a newbie and want an easy and friendly website to sell your car without much hassles then this could be your niche. You can upload 5 photos of your car for one month for free and can also renew the services if you like, that too for free. Also there are other packages that will suit your need. As this website is dedicated especially to cars, a lot of certified buyers visit the website every month; the count has been more than 10 million visits per month!


3. AOL Autos:

This is considered one of the biggest websites for selling cars. With an Alexa Traffic rank of 106 and always in the lookout for advancements, this website gets around a million visitors per day. Your car listing is free and with some clever usage you can even avail for free advertising that is worth dollars. They even give pro tips and advices that help you deal with customers and also on how to get the maximum price for your cars.


4. Edmunds:

This website has an Alexa Traffic rank of 1700, thus is another website where millions visit every month. You will get targeted traffic here in this website and even a lot of packages provide free services and benefits.


5. Autotrader:

This website with an Alexa Traffic rank of 1300 is another popular website that helps you sell cars like a pro. You can get various help from the experts there who help you list your car and also on other technical queries. This website has a Special webpage that allows you to list classic cars and motorcycles.


This website is slightly different from other websites in terms of usage. It puts all the items from 140 plus stores across the country in its listings, thus making it one of the largest dealing groups. Every car gets a 125 point inspection here.


If you are looking to sell that classic car of yours then this website should be your pick. It is not a car exclusive website; however a lot of visitors visit this website because of its classic cars collection.


This is a very user friendly website with options to help you all the time with listing and advertising. A lot of traffic visits this website for the varieties of choices and filtering options it facilitates them with.


Even though this website concerns a variety of other purposes, a lot of buyers and sellers stay hooked to it because of the convenience it offers. This site cannot e ruled out when talking of selling used cars as it is popular with almost everyone looking to deal online. Bartering and many other forms of trading are viable on this websites making this a favorite with people.


KBB or Kelly Blue Book is one hot favorite of the buyers because of the information and assistance it provides. As it helps the customers in deciding what to buy and what their money is worth, they do rely on the experts on this websites to decide on a fair deal for them. Thus it is imaginable how much traffic it attracts due to the benefits it offers.

How to Write a Good Craigslist Ad For Your Used Car

On the face of it selling anything on Craigslist seems easy. You post an ad and someone or the other turns up to buy. Selling cars on Craigslist may seem easy. However, with thousands of ads and quite a few from them offering the same model and make as you do how would you manage to grab a visitor’s attention and get him to contact you? Potential buyers need information on the product before they will initiate contact and contents make all the difference. If you wish to sell your used car on CL write text that will evoke responses.

Here is how you can go about it.

  • Title is where a brief description of your goes. It must be crisp, snappy and give a precise idea of what is on offer. It is from here that the buyer decides whether to read the text or go on to the next ad. Specify the model, the brand, the color and condition. E.g. “Pristine condition Ford Taurus 1969 single owner going cheap”.
  • Instead of writing running text in the detailed description box try to use bullet points and short sentences. Overall, the details could include a reason why you are selling the car and then go on to describe the car in detail. For some odd reason people consider the reason for sale as important.
  • Details to mention include condition of the interiors, accessories fitted and upholstery, if you like. If the upholstery is special, it might just add as a USP.
  • The mandatory details would include condition of paintwork, engine condition, whether the car has automatic or manual transmission, power windows, power locks and power doors. You could write a sentence as to how you have taken special care of the care and maintained the interior and exterior in top condition. For instance you could say that the paintwork looks spanking new and is without a scratch and that the upholstery inside looks fresh and clean. If your car has some defects be frank and mention all of them but not in extravagant detail.
  • State a fair and reasonable price. Expect buyers to bargain and mention that the price may be negotiable. Never, never say the price is fixed and no negotiations.
  • Your ad must include your name and your phone number as well as the time convenient for you to receive calls.
  • Photographs are a must. Try to photograph your from all angles using a digital camera, not your smart phone camera. Photograph the engine compartment, interiors, front, side and rear. Photograph the car early in the morning or just before the sun sets to get really good photos.


Tip: do not use hyperbole in the description. Content must give buyers all information they are looking for, in addition to mentioning something that is unique about your car.

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