Car Dealer Website Online Marketing Tips

A website forms the core of your business. However, it is of little use if it is not marketed online and gets the desired flow of traffic. You can get more visitors to your site and convert them into customers by following a few tips.

Consider your website as the hub of a wheel. The spokes are activities you do to reach out to the outer circumference of waiting buyers of cars who are searching online for cars new and used. The spokes establish links and a pathway for you to reach them and for them to reach you.

SEO for Car Dealers website

Search engine marketing
This is at the top of the list because, organic SEO activities are time consuming and show results over time. In the meanwhile, PPC campaigns launched with emphasis on selected keywords, geographic location and timing as well as content of the ads. People who are searching for cars to buy will see your ad in the search results and you can expect click throughs that will hopefully result in a sale. It is worth the money.


Promoting the mobile friendly website
Before you promote your website make sure your website is mobile friendly with simple but search engine friendly features. If possible deploy a separate mobile website. This done proceed with activities that to promote your car dealer website online. Include links to your social media sites. Interaction promotes engagement.


Listing on Google Local and Maps, local directories
Selling cars is mostly a local thing. Listing on Google Local, yahoo local business directory and maps is the first thing to do to be found when people google for car dealers in their area. In addition, it pays to search for and list on local online directories.


Articles, blogs
This SEO component takes effort but establishes a large number of links back to your site and raises your search engine standing. It takes effort to write informative articles related to automobiles and post on blogs but it does show you know your business and can advise people when it comes to selecting a suitable car.


Social media
Facebook and Twitter are free and let you create a unique online presence besides allowing spot interaction. If you build a business page on Facebook and also post informative content, it could create groups of followers in your region who are likely to promote you in their circles. You can interact and respond in real time as well as include links to your site in posts and tweets. Use the platform to announce special offers and deals. Do not forget instagram, Pinterest and Youtube as your social media tools. It is about creating an image of a dealer who knows cars and cares for customers. Aha! It works provided of course that you stay committed to keeping in touch.


All your efforts online should give you a growing list of email addresses. Use this to send our informative and promotional newsletters including images and descriptions about cars on offer and deals.

If you simply do not have the time for all these, delegate the task to someone in your office or to an outside person or agency.

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