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Best Ways to Sell Cars on Social Media

Best Ways to Sell Cars on Social Media

According to a current study, car shoppers have given importance to the social networks more than the dealers’ website, when they were choosing the best dealership before their purchase. The social networking website for car dealership has become an important aspect for increasing sales. According to the latest research findings from 2,000 service customers as well as 2,000 car buyers, the following points have been found out:

  • 68% of service customers and 75% of car buyers said that lots of internet research, such as surfing social media and review sites, helped them a lot in order to select the appropriate car dealership.
  • 68% of service customers, as well as 75% of car buyers, said that internet research as well as media and review websites, was the most convenient and helpful medium when they were selecting a car dealership.
  • As per the survey, most of the service customers (83%) have said that different online review websites played a very important role in order to select their dealership process.
  • Most of the car owners or buyers (66%), who have watched the Facebook ads, said that they had clicked those ads.
  • Consumers, who are looking for service or purchase a vehicle, are primarily doing a vast research over different websites. 69% percent of service customers and 50% of current car purchasers are saying that they have researched the dealership before servicing/ buying.

According to an important report (2014 CMO Council report) on the social media in the automotive industry has revealed that:

  • 23% of car buyers have used the social media in order to communicate or discuss a recent buying or purchase experience.
  • 38% of consumers have been reported that they will ask social media, when they purchase their next cars.
  • 84% of total automotive shoppers have been connected to social networking website Facebook as well as 24% have been used Facebook in order to purchase their recent vehicle.

When it’s a question of car shopping, the social media websites play a very important role in order to influence a buyer’s purchasing decision process. At recent times, most of the marketers have understood that social website have to be integrated in order to create a marketing strategy. These particular strategies are including possessing a brand’s Facebook page or posting pictures and others. Some brands are involved with the various social marketing aspects in order to generate a number of leads as well as engage and interact with all customers. So, the automotive industries should build their Social media strategies for car dealerships. Today, most of the customers are being associated with social media and so the particular industry requires a complete integration with social website selling. Nowadays, social networking website for car dealership plays a very important role in promoting sales.

10 Best Ways to Sell Cars on Social Media in order to enhance the car dealerships are as follows:

  • Target Customers on Facebook: It is a very important aspect, as 84% of the consumers are on Facebook. Ads should be placed in order to reach potential customers in the car market. The car dealerships through social media sites can increase the popularity of a particular brand.
  • Using Twitter to promote sales: The 2013 Marketshare research found that in car sales, Twitter has driven $716 million and this particular social media website is one of the most popular choices among the auto consumers.
  • Instagram Marketing: Instagram provides a brilliant platform in order to creatively share one individual’s brand’s story. In Instagram, the sellers can share their brand’s picture through which they can engage with the customers more effectively.
  • YouTube Video Marketing: Nowadays, car buyers are searching information about model comparisons, connected devices, safety features, walkarounds as well as other useful contents in order to take their purchasing decision. So, if videos can be attached into the seller’s website, then the videos can be hosted on a popular channel like YouTube for attracting more viewers.
  • Adding Pinterest to the Social Strategy: Pinterest is famous for the association of a larger female association along with lots of beauty tips, recipes, as well as decorating ideas. So, Pinterest can be a great source for the industries (such as automotive) in order to build their online presence through sharing pictures of their inventory, landing pages as well as pinning their blog posts.
  • Story Describing in Social Media: Today, posting or broadcasting contents on the social media websites are not enough. The sellers should interact with the customers in order to enhance their brand loyalty as well as consumer relationships.
  • Social media is both-Way Communication: It is very important to interact with the consumers through resolving their queries, answering their questions, responding as well as sorting out their complaints etc.
  • Offering Social-Specific Promotions and Contests: Social media websites are not only about advertising the brand, sometimes, something special should be done for the customers in order to win their heart such as announcing discounts, giving rewards, organize contests and promotions etc.
  • Social Reviews are Important: It can be useful to request the customers to post and share their experience to your social websites. You should also respond to the negative reviews. It is very important to check other review websites so that you can have an idea of your customer’s impression about your product. Don’t forget to monitor social channels and review sites on weekends.
  • 100% commitment is needed: Social media websites through the SMM (Social Media Marketing) are offering a range of impressive benefits and advantages to the automotive industry with more leads, more brand popularity, and as a whole, more sales. Although, 100% commitment is required in order to maintain a social media poplularity. The car dealerships through social media sites enhance the scope in order to interact with the customers.

By this way, the Social media strategies for car dealerships can enhance the sales to a great extent.

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